‘Wheelchairs often don’t get the attention they should!’

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The 22nd Moving & Handling People will take place on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd February 2016. One of the brand-new practical workshops ‘Assisting People using Wheelchairs’ will tackle a topic that is often not given the attention it deserves, so says Susan Clayton who will be leading the workshop with Jillian Moule.

Susan, Jillian and their team are a team with getting on for a hundred years’ experience between them. ‘If one of us doesn’t know, the other will!’ said Susan when DLF interviewed her recently about the workshop. The team come from a diverse background covering nursing, physiotherapy, health ergonomics, health & social care and of course training and as a training unit they work together often and are a tight unit.

Susan has been a moving and handling trainer for sixteen years and is no stranger to the Moving & Handling People Conference having given a plenary session on legal issues two years ago.

‘The focus is usually on wheelchair assessment and in normal training this topic is often not covered’ she continued. The Workshop will focus on gradients, forces, postural loading and of course gravity all within the balanced decision-making framework.

‘I have always wanted to spend proper time on this, we’ll look at tall and short carers and dig into the biomechanics,’ she added.

Susan feels that the workshop works to broaden the scope of competence of delegates as well as acting as a reminder for those who may have covered it in the past and is ideal for moving and handling risk assessors, manager, trainers and other specialists. The workshop will include video clips as well as hand-on activity using equipment within smaller groups.

‘We’re very excited to be running this workshop!’ Susan concluded

The interactive workshop is one of four that all delegates attend.

Delegate bookings can be made via our dedicated website www.movingandhandlingpeople.co.uk where they will find lots of useful information.

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