‘Trial by Jury’ to run at M&HP 2016

15-05-16 Amanda Shiel 0 comment

Moving & Handling People 2015 included a brand new workshop aimed at reviewing and improving delegate’s ability to participate successfully in legal cases involving aspects of moving and handling clients. You may be called to be a witness or give expert testimony at any time, will you be ready?

Due to strong positive feedback, the new workshop with new cases and material has been included in the Programme for M&HP 2016.

The ‘Trial by Jury’ workshop led by Pat Alexander asked delegates to take sides, reflect on anonymised cases and consider how they would speak on the case. What are the most important points? How would I substantiate my area of expertise? Delegates discussed the evidence and work with the storylines to decide how they would speak on each case and feedback from delegates was very positive.

‘Things are changing all the time in moving and handling and practitioners need to be able to defend their expertise. It’s important that we know what was current at the time of the case and that we handle ourselves effectively in these situations. We can be called at any time to take part in cases,’ says Pat Alexander who led the new workshop.

Pat is a chartered physiotherapist and runs her own practice employing a team of advisers. Across a long career, Pat has worked in hospitals, community settings, mental health and has written about and taken part in a number of legal cases. Her practice covers a range of specialisations but children with complex needs are a particular area of expertise. Pat has worked in the field ‘forever’ (her words!) and thinks she has spoken at all apart from two of the Moving and Handling People Conferences and she reckons she paid to attend the other two!

‘What’s good about Moving and Handling People is that it successfully mixes professionals in moving & handling with professionals in other disciplines. You confirm that your practice is up-to-date and because you are sharing views with new people it gives you a great grounding in the field,’ she says. Asked who she thinks would benefit most from the event Pat reckons that managers of care homes and care agencies, team leaders in health and social care, physiotherapists, nurses and OTs would all gain benefit and that manufacturers of equipment should also consider taking part to get closer to today’s operational needs.

‘New ideas, old friends,’ concludes Pat, ‘I’m looking forward to it very much.’

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