Benmor preview the Aurum bariatric bed at M&HP 2015

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Benmor Medical are leading bariatric equipment specialists that provide high quality equipment and services to the NHS and the community. Founded in 1996, Benmor Medical were the first company in the UK to specialise in bariatric patient handling equipment.

As pioneers in the rental market for bariatric equipment, Benmor Medical introduced a total bariatric rental solution, allowing customers to rent a bariatric bed, chair, hoist, commode and wheelchair as one package.
Located in Hampshire (head office), with depots in County Durham and Leicestershire, Benmor Medical are well equipped to deliver an excellent service throughout the country, providing emergency rentals nationwide 24/7.

In addition to delivery and installation, our driver technicians provide full training on all of our equipment. Our area managers are also well placed to provide advice on the most suitable products to suit your needs.
One of our main products that has been developed over many years of research, is the Aurum bariatric bed. The Aurum bariatric bed has been built to help with the challenges faced by carers and patients involved in bariatric care. The design of the Aurum bariatric bed has been constantly improved over the years, based on feedback from NHS staff and bariatric patients.

Manufactured by Benmor Medical in the UK, the Aurum bariatric bed is a hospital bed designed for size and strength. The width adjustment feature on this unique bariatric bed means that it can be transported as a standard bed through the majority of hospital doors, once the mattress platform has been retracted. However, it can accommodate wider patients by extending the mattress platform when in use.
The mattress platform can be adjusted in width by using the ‘pull down’ levers located underneath the mattress frame. The platform is 4 section fully profiling and powered by strong electric actuators that enables the bariatric bed to cope with loads of up to 413kg (65st).

The 4 section profiling platform allows the bed to be placed into a variety of positions, all at the touch of a button by using the handsets included. The positions range from both Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg to the ‘fowler’ position, which allows the Aurum bed to adopt a ‘chair like’ appearance, enabling the patient to be seated upright.

An integral weighing system is also available on the bed, this allows a patient to be weighed whilst lying on top of the bed without the need to be lifted onto additional weighing scales. This both saves time and reduces the risk of injury to the carer.

The Aurum bed is compliant with the latest EN60601/2/52 medical standard, so NHS staff can be reassured that they are providing their patients and carers with the highest quality equipment.
Benmor Medical strive to deliver the highest levels of service to Hospitals and the Community throughout the UK.

For more information visit or contact Benmor Medical on 0333 800 9000 “Supporting Falls Prevention”.

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