The original replacement sling manufacturer endorses M&HP 2015

16-10-14 Amanda Shiel 0 comment

Silvalea is a fascinating company that owes its success to spotting a need and looking to satisfy it. The need they identified was providing replacement slings for patient transfer which has led them to develop expertise in the research, design and manufacture of specialised transfer slings utilising innovative materials from their deep understanding of the healthcare market. Silvalea has won awards for innovation and endeavours in the industry and so was a logical partner for the next Moving & Handling People being held in the City of London in early 2015.

”Silvalea has been around since the early nineties specialising in replacement slings. We will be bringing along a range of slings to support the workshops and our knowledgeable team will offer hands-on training at the DLF’s flagship two-day event,” says Teri Allerton, Sales & Marketing Manager at Silvalea.

”Away from the event itself we’ll be listing our details on DLF’s new M&HP website so that delegates can check out our full range if they have any questions before and after the event. We’ll be uploading our range details to the new Product Showcase – it’s a great idea for delegates and of course if they want to know more they can go to DLF Data,” concludes Teri.

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